Welcome to Mill Hill's Monthly Newspaper Website

MH Today is now established as a leading source of information for the NW7 community.  With 7 issues under our belt and up to 56 pages of news and information - the majority of which were contributed by the local community.

We have met at the NW7HUB once every two months to have an open editorial hour meeting which is very productive and a great way to get involved in our community.  



We accept all advertising 

The advertising is run by the MILL HILL GUIDE / Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum.  If you advertise in the MILL HILL GUIDE then you get a number of free adverts.  

The advantages of our advertising both in the GUIDE and MH TODAY is that you can put direct links to your business - or offer - or tickets - or webpage and social media.  All our products are fully interactive AND can be downloaded as well.

This is the only way to reach EVERY household in Mill Hill.   Up t0 3,000 read the Newpaper/Newlsetter every month. Plus our websites and social media feeds have over 50,000 reads per month and it is growing.  Our network of Twitter Retweeting accounts and blogs brings us to over a MILLION potential impressions.  This is the power of local networking.

Our low prices mean you can advertise with certainty that you will get back easily the cost of advertising and that we will be pushing the local area via many places.  Book as early as possible because space is at a premium.

Mill Hill is becoming a real COMMUNITY so jump on board and be part of it whether you live or work in a flat or bedsit or a mansion !

info@millhillbroadway.co.uk for information


The Community !!!!

If you wish to write for us then send your article to info@millhillbroadway.co.uk   It can be any length and on any topic if it is Mill Hill related.   Add jpeg photographs ( copyright cleared ) to add interest.     We now have a great team of regular writers on various topics including - Equality and Culture,  Arts, Transport, Wine, Gaming & Internet,  Sports Clubs.

We are based out of the new BUSINESS HUB in the Library which opened in September 2017.  If you want to write for us then email or DM us on Twitter or come along to one of our regular editorial meetings at the Business Hub where you can meet our enthusiastic and friendly team of writers and photographers. We are all volunteers and any profits the Newspaper makes will go to the HUB project which is a valuable community resource and keeps our library open.

The newspaper is a NEIGHBOURHOOD FORUM supported project and the advertising is administered by the Forum.   In addition if you wish to join the mailing list for the newspaper we have decided to send out our monthly link via the monthly post from the Neighbourhood Forum. This means getting on for 2000 local residents and businesses will receive a link to the paper each month.   The project is fully costed and funded for 5 years by a partnership between the publishers of the Mill Hill Guide - the ARC MEDIA GROUP based on the Broadway - and the Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum.  We hope to be around for the next century as an online interactive monthly news for the community.

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